About the Artist

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I started my art as a teenager by taking photos with a $12 camera.

I then took a painting course, but was severely disappointed when I couldn't paint a picture of a shiny vase of roses with a dewdrop sitting on a petal. I was told it was too difficult for a first painting. But that's what I wanted to paint, so I quit.

Once in a while I would experiment photographing textures etc., but the cost of getting my photos developed prohibited me from taking too many pics.

Then the local Art Gallery had a juried competition and I entered some photos and two of them were accepted for the show. Each of us were given a little note from the curator or director of the Burnaby Art Gallery and her note to me encouraged me to use more color. She also stated I had the beginnings of a strong of body work. These words simmered for years.

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Then when life became too much, I started playing with computer art to cope with stress. One day I realized my art might not look the same printed out as it looked on the computer. So, I had some of them printed up by a professional printer. My confidence was increased when the printer who was a known professional photographer praised my work, and then when co-workers looked at the prints and liked them. No one seemed to like more than one piece, but they said WOW! at the piece they liked.

Eventually, I uploaded a few pieces to Imagekind. A fellow artist there suggested I try out Zazzle. And since research had shown me that Zazzle was a reputable Print On Demand (POD) website, I joined Zazzle. And the response was favorable. It was just so nice to see MY art on products.

Over the next few years I joined a couple of art sites and not only got favorable feedback, but tied with 2 other artists for 2nd place on an international art site called Online Visual Artists (OVA). Though I got bumped down to nothing by a flower image with a hornet (bugs being popular that year), it was a tremendous boost to be recognized on an international scale.

Quite by accident, I became acquainted with a very talented, experienced artist, Wes Lowe who became a mentor and as such contributed to my ability as an artist.

Slowly people began buying my stuff. So, now here I am, an artist! At this time I really enjoy digital photography and then playing with these photos (mixed-media)

And since I've had to spend a lot of time researching the different aspects of creating, saving, uploading, pricing, selling, and marketing art, I plan to share this with others who are just starting out on their dream of becoming an artist too.

My signature is has changed over the years, and now it differs depending on the size of the product (AHoney, AH, Angel Honey and at one time it was AngelH.). Myname is a combination of my maiden and married (ex) names. It really is my name.