My Updated Website

Posted 11/26/2014

THANK  YOU ...... 



THANK YOU for visiting my website. I'm working out the bugs. But if you find one I've missed, please use the CONTACT FORM to leave me a message. Unfortunately, people have abused the previous BLOG, leaving lots of spam, so at this time leaving comments on the Blog is unavailable.

SOON TO COME: A Gallery of my artwork is being compiled and will join the rest of the website soon. Pictures of my products can be seen here on the Zazzle Blog page. If you reload the page, new products show up. Just click on the bottom of a banner to shop in that store.

And I am working on an article explaining various abbreviations and art terms for those not involved in the art world.

Also in the works is RSS Feeds to Angel's stores on Zazzle. Direct links to her stores are here on the Worldwide Shopping page.

PAGE DESIGN: I'm looking at the colors and trying to decide if they are too muted. Maybe I'll play with them awhile and see what happens.

Have a good day. . .  Angel